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Anyone who want's to have their poetry posted here is welcome to send me submissions via Email at poetry@davidmcl.id.au

It is now OK to send me attachments as I now have a virus checker and firewall program - the reason I didn't want attachments was to help prevent virus infection as at the time I didn't have a virus checker.

I still can not guarantee font and formatting because I still have to turn it into html to post it on the site - at the very least if you have an unusual font make sure you have the embed true type fonts option selected in the save options in word when you save the .doc file (go to tools - options - click on the save tab, and select the check box for embed true type fonts - go OK and then save the document)

I will try to do my best to preserve the look of the poem when I post them but remember the settings of the end users computer and browser also still can have a big effect on how an html document will look.

Obviously as web master of this site I reserve the right to decide what to post here, however I will basically try to post anything that is sent to me as long as it is not offensive or defamatory. If you are wondering who decides what that means, I'm afraid that's Me - on the grounds that I can't afford to be sued by anyone. I certainly won't attempt to make any artistic judgments on anyones poetry - since I will probably post some of my own poems here as well.

Also, please bear with me if it takes a while for me to post poems I receive, I tend to go in fits and spurts when I am updating my web sites, depending on how busy I am.


Note: These are now in reverse order - ie the top ones are the latest ones

Nicholas Holroyd - "Sailors Falls"
"Scooter" - "Molecular Shift"
"Scooter" - "Love is a Jump Down a Grassy Hill"
"Scooter" - "Pedestrian Thoughts Beside Plastic Flowers"
Nick Green - "Jonathan Davis"
Nick Green - "Happiness no more"
Nick Green - "Vietnam"
Nick Green - "Walking towards death I see a light"
Nick Green - "Faith and love"
Jenni Burt - "The old door"
David Higgins - "Half empty cup"
Antipodi - "Wilderness Ways"
Pete Dowe - "Coming Out, Going Home"
Pete Dowe - "You Marry?"
Pete Dowe - "Going To The Barber"
Antipodi - "The Crying Man"
Antipodi - "Blame it on the Boogaloo"
Takalah Tan Kok Liang - "Tan Kok Liang Resurrect So?"
Takalah Tan Kok Liang - "Latrobe, Melbourne, here I come!"
Martin Downey - "mary-jane"
Martin Downey - "villanelle" (in French)
Frank Corso - "Walter"
Frank Corso - "Thirty First of March"
Frank Corso - "The Wild Colloquial Boy"
Frank Corso - "The Stallion"
Frank Corso - "The Reunion"
Frank Corso - "The Eight Seasons"
Frank Corso - "Still life exhibition by Carlo Golin"
Frank Corso - "On the rocking horse"
Frank Corso - "I never tire of loving you"
Frank Corso - "Head-on Collision"
Frank Corso - "Fred and Ginger"
Frank Corso - "Desire"
Frank Corso - "A Pioneer called Noah"
Frank Corso - "Where Leaves Fall"
Fiona Sievers - "Snail Trails"
Fiona Sievers - "Somewhere in Fitzroy"
Pamela Sidney - "Sold Out"
Lish Skec - "The Screen"
David McLauchlan - "Heroes"
David McLauchlan - "Unity At All Costs"
David McLauchlan - "Teach"
Andrew Peter - "Daydream receiver"
Nicholas Coleman - "Perhaps I will never understand you dad"
Emma Thompson - "I love you guilty"
Martin Downey - "Whale Of A Time"
Kerry Scuffins - "Strange things"
Kerry Scuffins - "Your sister saw a boy"
Kerry Scuffins - "In Echuca"
Peter Dowe - "First Date"
Peter Dowe - "What Do You Want?"
Peter Dowe - "Old Bags"
Pamela Sidney - "The Last Ziggy Star Dust Show"
Pamela Sidney - "Black Lane"
Martin Downey - "Penury"
David McLauchlan - "Q and A"
David McLauchlan - "The Galactic Savage"
David McLauchlan - "What a silly way to change the color of one's car"
Roger Constable - "Beat City"
Lyndon Walker - "Poetry walking Naked in Melbourne in the Spring"
Lyndon Walker - "Storyville"
Lyndon Walker - "Talk to Her"
Lyndon Walker - "Seven Anxieties You Can Have"
Lyndon Walker - "This Journey"
Matt Hetherington - "Summer"
Ian McBryde - "Hesse at Spandau"
Ian McBryde - "Under Pink Triangles "
Ian McBryde - "Stalingrad Briefing, 1943"
Melissa Petrakis - "coal-hard"
Melissa Petrakis - "asphalt days"
Pamela Sidney - "Mateship, Battlers & Egalitarian Words"
Pamela Sidney - "Ordnance Factory Maribynong"
Pamela Sidney - "Machines - Running White Hot"
Martin Downey - "The Spell of Angels"

Note: Copyright remains with the authors of the poems
For more information you can Email me at dmclauch@bigpond.net.au____

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