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Copies of this compilation DVD of highlights of the first two years of Red Lobster
are available for $15 ea (plus $10 postage and handling)
For more information or to order a copy you can Email me at


Is a two-hour selection of some of the first two years of 'Red Lobster' recordings, spanning January 2003 to January 2005. These recordings were originally broadcast in edited form as the first hundred episodes of the show on Channel 31.


Jordie Albiston, Jennifer Allen, Peter Bakowski, Eric Beach, Lyn Boughton, Edward Burger, M.F. Calder, Canine Man, Eddie Dalton, Peter Dowe, Martin Downey, Meg Dunn, Marietta Elliott-Kleerkoper, Brook Emery, Wendy Fleming, John Garrett, Luis Gonzalez-Serrano, Clint Greagan, Tim Hamilton, Kristin Henry, Matt Hetherington, Vivian Hopkirk, Joe de Iacovo, Andy Jackson, Terry Jaensch, Jeltje, Sjaak de Jong, Tom Joyce, Shelton Lea, Lish, Kerry Loughrey, Myron Lysenko, Gemma King, Alana Kelsall, Ian McBryde, Patrick McCauley, Grant McCracken, Sandon McLeod, Maurice McNamara, Wayne Meredith, Eytan Messiah, Paul Mitchell & Jumbuk, Les Murray, Danielle Peebles, Melissa Petrakis, Lachlan Plain, Dorothy Porter, David Prater, Robert Priest, Michael Reynolds, Esteban David dos Santos, Carla Sari, Paul Skec, Kerry Scuffins, Steve Smart, alicia sometimes, Eli Spivakovski, Sue Stanford, Kris Terbutt, Kerryn Tredrea, Ouyang Yu, Amelia Walker, Michael Ward, Sean Whelan, Lauren Williams.

Musical performances by J Walker (Machine Translations), Wendy Rule, Kath Orgovany, Robert Priest, Wylie J, and Max & Mica.


Produced by Matt Hetherington, Michael Ward, and David McLauchlan
Off-line Editing by Matt Hetherington
Assistant Editor Maurice McNamara
On-line Editing & Original Editing by David McLauchlan
Title Sequence by Michael Ward & David McLauchlan
Title Music by ZAZIZ
Dedicated to Ted Lord

'Red Lobster' is a Northern Access Television Program on Melbourne Community Television on Channel 31. The program goes to air at 11pm every Thursday, as well as now as now being available as streaming media files on the continually updated 'Red Lobster' web-site.

The 'Red Lobster' Producers during the period of production of ihe included episodes were David McLauchlan, Michael Ward, Martin Downey, and Ted Lord.

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